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1-One button sale using unlimited Quick-Access POS buttons.

2-Scan the item for quick entry to the sales screen using an attached barcode scanner.

3-Most all transaction types can be quickly processed including:

cash, check, credit card, paid in, paid out, charge on employee, accounts and returns.


4-Track money transfers, cash withdrawals and cash receipts.

5-Transaction number or lookup. Reprint with or without prices.

6-Apply discounts to individual transaction, entire transaction or both.

7-Temporarily or permanently change the price of any item-provided the employee has been given the security privilege to do so.

8-Open item price: Operator can manually enter the price of a certain item.

9-Last transaction information remains on screen after the transaction has been completed.

10-On screen display of transaction subtotals, sales, tax and total amount due.

11-On screen display of current employee.

12-Easy end-of-shift cash drawer reconciliation with over/short report and sales summary report.

13-Place customer orders “on hold” for later processing.

14-Optional Caller-Id connection: an automatic detection of a call from any phone related to PC and link with it’s own database.

15-VAT (Value Added Tax option).

16- Many types of reports, to control cash drawer, cash payment, checks, credit card, tips, credit employee, on accounts, sales items,…



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